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Mar 20,2020

Channing Rodd and Dustin Hazel basically grew up in this shit together. They started filming with us around the same time and soon enough they finally met. Over the year they were paired up in few scenes together, each time the intensity heating up. This is their best work in an all out threesome with Channing's fuck buddy from back home! (Really, her submission video was a POV of her sucking on Channing's fat dick lol). 1st Channing fucks dusting with his legs spread wide and they finish this scene from Xerxes layer with a HARD Double Penetration.

Mar 13,2020

Do you like Cake? Check out the dump truck bootys on these horny young people! Jacob Booker and his look alike Dutch Weaver are some muscular tan dudes, we paired them up with Michelle Anderson whose a bit of a closet freak. What ensued was Horny teens checking off their bucket lists with rimming, TWO dildos including the double sided variety. Ass fuckin, deepthroating, spitting, facials.. all that!

Mar 06,2020

450 lbs of REAL MAN MUSCLE collide like an unstoppable force verse an immovable object! Sean Costin pounds Collin SImpson's muscle ass while his face is deep in red head pussy. Then these giant men Team up on super petite 105lb Jane Rogers while her poor Boy Friend has to watch! The three boys had a little pre-game respect talk but wow, the face says it all.

Feb 28,2020

The 1st ever BiGuysFuck ice breaker experience was more fun than we thought. The models had a blast and its obvious with the constant laughter. Whip Cream bikini's, bicep licking, all kinds of good fun and intimate truths! Once these three get into the bedroom, its full send all the way to a nice facial on Dutch Weaver and a creamy load spewed into Michelle's open mouth! Dutch fuck his new buddy Andre Willis in his favorite positions!

Feb 21,2020

WOW WTF! I dont even know what to say.. but things got out of hand. First, new hot jock Mason Skyy preps and rims Jacob's perfect bubble butt but that was only a warm-up for Destiny Mira who then pounded Jacobs hole with her strap on. She gave him the pile driver, reverse pile driver and some sideways dick...THEN she pounded out Mason Skyy's 1st timer ass. Oh yea, she made these boys call her DADDY the whole time.

Feb 14,2020

Dustin Hazel spreads his cheeks for the 1st TIME EVER and it just so happens to be with his future best friend with a big Dick - Channing Rodd. Love is in the air, this was the first time these two met, and if you dont know the story line, they're basically BFF's nowadays. Perhaps this initial anal probing and the ensuing madness that wish dished out to Angelina Colon sealed the deal on their friendship.

Feb 07,2020

Jacob Booker gets passed around like a fuck doll by older Daddy Joel Gordo. If Jacobs face isn't buried in Joel's ass, he must be suffocating under Veronica Mendoza's pussy or getting his ass POUNDED by sexy zaddy Joel Gordo. Jacob loves it so much, he cums while Joel fucks him on his back!

Jan 31,2020

Big dick squad Channing Rodd and Jayden Marcos crush Sofia Santana and RIP Jayden's asshole. Jayden was eager but extremely nervous to get fucked by Channing's big dick and Sofia was just cock hungry and cum drunk. We couldn't throw enough big cocks at her, she always wanted more lol, I've never seen anything like it. After Jayden is good and fucked, both boys dump their creamy loads on Sofia's smiling face.

Jan 17,2020

Jayden Marcos get his 1st MFF bisexual threesome with vixen Angelina Colon and sexy red head girl next door Jane Roger's. The girls take turns pegging Jayden until he demand they rim him until he cums! He finishes strong with his biggest load ever all over Angelina's pretty face, including a delayed spray that catches everyone off guard!

Jan 13,2020

The day has finally arrived. Ian Borne has been flirting with the Idea of bottoming for a while now and late on this particular afternoon we had a last minute cancellation. Ian was available but we told him we needed a bottom for this scene. He was happy to ablidge and told he has been practicing in his personal life to prep for this big moment. Dustin Hazel was the lucky guy that got to be the 1st person to ever stick a cock inside young Ian's tight sweet hole. Piper Madison was all screams too Ian gave her the long dick!!

Jan 10,2020

Adrian Monroe shows Marie Jacobs the ropes around a male hole! He coaches her through her 1st Rim Job. Mani Storms is uber sexy and his abs looks fantastic. He basically only fuck at 1 speed which is hyper fast lol but he does enjoy dipping his cock in and out of Adrian's mouth. Mani even told me off camera that the was the 1st time ANYONE has been able to deepthroat his dick. He was STOKED!

Jan 03,2020

Joe Mason and Joel Gordo introduce Veronica Mendoza to what sweet ass tastes like and she loves every lick of it. Joe and Joel take turns rimming each other and fucking Veronica who keeps her mouth and pussy busy. Joel blows a huge load and goes for a taste as always plus a super hot blow job with Veronica sucking nuts and Joel blowing pole.

Dec 30,2019

Ciara Johnson is all in on seeing hot guys hookup right in front of her. She admits its her fantasy which is a little shock to Channing but Andre is DOWN! They almost pick on her, grabbing her by the chin to get a closeup look lol. This girl is a true amateur, she cant even take Andre's fat cock so she spends most of her time getting fucked by Channing and using her mouth on Andre. Watching Channing have two sexy people clean off his cummy cock is gold!

Dec 27,2019

London Ryan and his bean-pole cock gets shared by beautiful Caramel skinned Tina Torres and 18teen year old Troy Daniel. This was the 1st BiGuysFuck scene ever filmed. We asked Troy if he would start it off with a bang for us and he was eager to try to conquer London's BIG COCK! These Millennials are DTF lol!! They both offer up their ass to London and btw, Tina is a deep-throat specialist.

Dec 20,2019

Dustin Hazel really brings out the freak in people. I believe this was Vanessa's 1st BGF scene ever. French Top Joe Mason wont ever turn down good hole or good pussy so he buries his cock deep into Dustin and Vanessa. Like a true euro gentle man he preps both his friends with his tongue. At one point Dustin was just dropping his ass onto the stretched tongue from Joe. Literally TONGUE FUCKING him! Everyone ended up with cum on them. Most of all Dustin and Joe who splashed each other. You get a nice close up of Joe's cum caked in Dustin's hairy red chest.