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Sep 27,2019

Marie Jacobs gets what she has always wanted... a chance with two dream guys at once. Dustin Hazel & Marc Wallace give this blonde teen babe what she wants and even surprises young Marie with a few sexy tricks up their sleeves... if they were wearing any. Long story short, these guys turned out to be into each other just as much as they were into Marie! She doesn't complain though... seeing the guys hook up was a part of her fantasy all along... she just didn't know it yet.

Sep 23,2019

Andre Willis gets fucked for his 1st TIME EVER in this super raunchy and nasty cum swaping video. Rico Vega and Monica Scott team up on Andre's ass. Rico eats his booty, while Monica works on his dick. Together they get his ass wet enough for Rico to give Andre his 1st taste of cock in his ass. Andre gets satisfied and is really feeling experiemental so he makes Monica and Rico swap cum back and forth while Andre watches and then joins in the snow blowing fun!

Sep 20,2019

Joel Gordo and Jane Rogers are a real life couple. Madly in love and open to trying new things, which is exactly what BiGuysFUCK specializes in. On the menu today is Tony Romero, which will be the 1st guy/guy/girl threesome this couple has ever had. We didn't ask for anything, just that the all three of them enjoy themselves. What we didn't expect was for Tony to take Joel's dick... and even more surprising was Joel's eagerness to lick his cum off Tony's cock. WOW.

Sep 13,2019

What an anal fest! Channing Rodd destroys the tight pink ass on Travis Youth while the sexy Ciara Johnson plays with her clit and watches. Trav and Channing started their day with a nice dose of TOO HARD and sun by the pool. But when you take TOO HARD... shenanigans are sure to ensue. Travis takes a dick sooo well and the reverse cowboy position is insanely sexy.

Sep 09,2019

Jayden Marcos had his eyes on new stud Joe Mason for a while. When they got to the shoot house, these two really hit it off. Playing video games together and who knows... jerking off together? Whatever the case, they certainly had one thing in common... and that was their interest in sexy Vanessa Ortiz. She had never had a threesome with two guys before, let alone two guys FUCKING. Rightfully so, Vanessa was nervous, but once she saw the pleasure the guys were having with each other, her nerves flew out the window. All three of these hotties got more than just a taste of each other, they got to enjoy every last inch of each others sexy bodies.

Sep 06,2019

Sex in every flavor! Andre Willis, gets rimmed and fucked by Dustin Hazel doggy and in legs up missionary. Andre spreads his pink hole wide for all to see! Destiny gets dick from both studs and EVERYONE gets cum on them. Success!

Aug 30,2019

Marc Wallace is a screamer and oh boy does he yell when Adrian Monroe's long dong slides up and down his super tight hole. Mako Kalani isn't far behind and this quickly turns into a blowjob skills contest between Marc and Mako who compete for Adrian's approval.

Aug 26,2019

Experimentation is a must at BiGuysFuck. Andre Willis, Marc Wallace and Angelina Colon are all about that life. Rimming, double sided dildos and above all good fun.

Aug 23,2019

This is Rico Vega's 1st scene in over a year, and in that time his sweet little asshole has really tightened up. Watching Dustin Hazel slap some cheeks making Rico moan in pleasure and pain WHILE eating up Monica Scott's pussy at the SAME DAMN TIME is literally amazing.

Aug 16,2019

Channing Rodd, Ian Borne, and Nala Kennedy... Every flavor on naked display here. We got light brown, dark brown, and pasty white. What a beautiful rainbow of diversity... especially when it comes together for such a loving affair. These two bros really kicked it off before the scene and it shows. They flow in and out of Nala and each other like water.

Aug 09,2019

Nothing like two handsome studs that are comfortable with their sexualities showing the world that it's perfectly fine to hook up with each other. Tina Torres really threw Sean Costin for a loop though when she pulled out her "big surprise" and bent this big bodybuilder booty over. This little Asian laid down the PIPE! Way to go girl! Pegging was something she always wanted to try. Latino man hunk Tony Romero is a WILD man and loves it ALL. This guy growls like a bear sometimes he gets so into the experience. Do you like a man that makes noise in the heat of the moment of nah?

Aug 02,2019

Jayden Marcos had the time of his life fucking Angelina Colon and getting fucked by the super sexy, baby-faced Jacob Booker. This much sexy in one room is hard to fathom. Watching them all hookup with no limits is something you just have to see to believe.

Jul 26,2019

Two of our sexiest guys, Bryce Beckett and Adrian Monroe team up to take on one of our sexiest girls Mako Kalani in a unscripted, off-the-cuff hookup. All three models are very open minded. Where will they lead us on this adventure?

Jul 04,2019

This is a special hookup for us, as it is our first girl/girl/guy threesome. Jane Rogers and Angelina Colon are a couple sexy freaks and who better to reward than our boy Jayden Marcos. Our director really had to swing this one a different way, as Jane was unable to take Jayden's coke can cock.. but hey these are real life unscripted hookups. They dont always pan out the way you expect. So this turned into a real treat for Jayden when Angelina whips our a nice strap on to fuck up Jayden. Of course we had to dock Janes pay on this one and made her do it for free. Cant fuck cant get paid Jane.

Jul 04,2019

Great to see "Mr. Big Dick" London Ryan entering the "Bi" arena and trying out some new things. Sean Costin is down and tiny Asian hottie Tina Torres will take as much dick as she can get. These three push their limits and seem to find out that group sex is the BEST SEX.

Jan 25,2019

PHEW! This is a hot ass scene. First off, super babe Bridgette Mathers was really into the guys and guess what? Edgar Soto & Axel Woods were REALLY into each other to top it off! We didn't realize this until the camera was rolling though. I think we were all caught off guard with what went down. Any chance these boys had, they were locking lips with each other. Don't think that sexy Bridgette got left behind either... these horny young studs were all over her too. For Bridgette, it's always been a fantasy to see two HOT guys hooking up... what she didn't realize though, was how incredibly hot it would be if they were also fucking the shit out of her at the same time.

Nov 27,2018

Muscle jock Sean Costin is one of our most testosterone filled alpha males on our roster, but the roles flip slightly in this one. Our platinum blonde bombshell Victory Hobbs has one fantasy, to be on top and peg the fuck outta a big burly muscle man. Success.

Sep 28,2018

Gio Lockwood had been eyeballin' Collin Simpson for quite some time... When Elena Gilbert showed up and made friends with Gio, it was just a matter of time before she was used as bait to get Collin to agree to a threesome. Little did Collin know, this was all a ploy to get him distracted on Elena so Gio could slide in his backdoor. Best part? Collin didn't seem to mind one bit once things got started. Sometimes you just need a little push in life!