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Dec 22,2020

Now that the fucking is done and the cum-shots have flown, Chase Arcangel tells you how he really feels about fucking his new best friend Rico Vega!

Dec 21,2020

Chase Arcangel showed up to BiGuysFuck.com having NEVER even kissed another man nor fucked one obviously. Rico Vega would change all that! The latin jock spent days hanging out with Chase and filling him on the pleasures of another man! Chase was reluctant no doubt but slowly warmed up to the idea. Eventually, Chase agrees to fuck a guy, but not kiss one.. Well Rico Vega had other plans. Midway through this scene, he tries to grab Chase to bring him in for a slow kiss but Chase pulls away, unsure of how to react. Seconds later, Chase can resist no longer, so he grabs Rico by the neck and plants a firm kiss on Ricos juicy latin lips!

Dec 20,2020

It's always a special moment when we get to capture a young mans first entry into guy ass! Chase Arcangel has flirted with the idea, but he's never actually fucked or even kissed a man before. Today is a new day though! Chase and Rico Vega really connected as friends on this last shoot. Rico is well seasoned in the anal department. He enjoys every aspect of playing with the same sex, on video and in his personal life. After a few days of questions and intrigue, Chase decides he's been missing out and begs us for the opportunity to get into Rico's ass! Halle Storm was Chase's "safety net" on set, but at times, he completely forgets she was in the room. Especially during his intense first guy/guy kiss with Rico.

Dec 11,2020

Dustin Hazel flies across the country with his best friend Sofia Santana to meet his cam-daddy for the first time. After a pampered tour of his mansion, Marcus VonRyder asks if he can check out Dustin's juicy ass in person. With Sofia's approval dustin pulls out his jiggly ass and lets Marcus put his hands all over it. Dustin is overcome by Marcus's wealth and chiseled body and is compelled to pull out his dick. Marcus takes the lead and starts sucking Dustins cock and licking his pink asshole until Dustin is rock hard. Now its Dustin's turn to get Marcus's ass wet and ready to fuck!

Dec 10,2020

Who hasn't been obsessed with their favorite cam-model or insta celebrity? Dustin Hazel can fill both those shoes. He's been doing cam-shows for his rich benefactor for a few years now and they've developed a very good friendship. After a lot of consideration, Marcus VonRyder finally pops the big question and asks Dustin if they can meet in person. Dustin is open to the idea, but only if he can bring his sexy friend Sofia Santana along for the mini vacation. Marcus is a great sport and agrees to pay for both their airfare. Things really heat up when Marcus gives Dustin and Sofia a tour of his 6 wing mansion!

Dec 01,2020

Bryce Beckett definitely had plans to fuck Mason Skyy in the ass the whole time! Very sneaky of him to use his wife's birthday as an excuse though, but Marie Jacob doesn't seem to mind at all! She was probably in on the plan too. Who could blame them? Take one look at Mason Skyy's flexible ass and you'd wanna fuck it too!

Nov 30,2020

Bryce Beckett knows how to treat his woman Marie Jacob. Today is her birthday, and Bryce knows exactly what she wants. Enter real life male stripper Mason Skyy, who rubs and grinds his sexy lean body all over the fawning Marie. Mason can really move, his sexual prowess is too hot for Bryce Beckett to handle. Without hesitation, Bryce and Marie ask Mason if it's okay to take this lap dance to the next level..

Nov 21,2020

Canelo is now all in to Rico's cock-trap and things really start to get sloppy. Canelo hump Rico's throat and makes a huge mess. Ive never seen such a huge wad of spit on someones ass in my life. Meghan Taylor loves to get sloppy too and seems to get into a competion with Rico on who can get the most spit running down there face. Canelo gets so turned on watching this slop fest, he busts all over Rico while he's still fucking Megan..and then licks it off!! What a scene.

Nov 17,2020

We've all been there. Felt that attraction towards a hot teammate or friend. But how can you get your hands on him without being too obvious? Wrestling! One of the oldest tricks in the book. Rico Vega will do anything to get his hands on his buddy, and Canelo plays along eagerly. Meanwhile, as the muscular boys feel each other up, Meghan Taylor is watching intensely. As the boys kiss, it's too much for little Meghan, so she starts playing with herself until the boys come crashing through the door.

Nov 15,2020

Part 4 of Chase Archangel and Megan Taylor's exclusive interview regarding the melt down of the power thrupple! Meghan drops the tea and Chase lets off some pent-up anger towards his once lover.

Nov 11,2020

Sage Hardwell. Hippie, surfer, mountain man? Who cares, he can take me camping any day. This guy is a passionate lover! He's so gentle on the much smaller Antuan Mills, you can tell he takes good care of his lovers. Sage passionately fucks him deep. He even curls Antuan like a barbell (legs spread) to get every inch of his cock in Antuan's hole. Halle Storm is the perfect cherry on this cake. This platinum princess is on the fantasy radar for many of our studs and ladies!

Nov 05,2020

Episode 3 of the Chase Arcangel / Meghan Taylor exclusive interview on what went down and what went wrong in their "thrupple" relationship with Kellan Hartman. . . . @chasearcangel @meghantaylorrr_

Nov 01,2020

Tea Time with Chase Arcangel and Meghan Taylor - The pair dive into their first encounters with eachother and falling in love with Kellan Hartmann Twitter: @chasearcangel @meghantaylorrr_

Nov 01,2020

Three horny kids watching TV on a bed and the power goes out..What do you think is gonna happen lol? Chase Arcangel is the first to admit he's ready to fuck, although I doubt the sick minds of Marcus VonRyder and Destiny Mira were far behind. I think being cooped up for the storm really got Chase's blood pumping. Like fire and ice, Chase was extra aggressive yet loving at the same time. At one point he launches Destiny 4ft in the air, then proceeds to give Marcus a solid slap. Seconds later he dove in to kiss him and whispers to Marcus "Im so sorry, are you okay"? Marcus gave him the okay, and then it was on. Chase used his big dick perfectly on sexy Destiny and handsome Marcus.

Oct 31,2020

A true pornographic story. Three of our starlets fell in love during a BiGuysFuck.com shoot. They met as complete strangers, all from different walks of life, but after 12 days of "close quarters" living (and a lot of sex) Chase Arcangel, Kellan Hartmann and Meghan Taylor fell deep in love. Twitter: @chasearcangel @meghantaylorrr_

Oct 29,2020

You really cant leave the room for second on a BGF (BiGuysFuck) shoot. So much experimenting in the air is contagious, and Chase Arcangel isn't immune. He discovered an old dick pump we had in a random supply bag and couldn't help himself. Before understanding how a dick pump works, Chase was full send and pumping it for the moon...

Oct 21,2020

This is for sure the hottest scene I've ever filmed. All three models were so into each other and the little roles we gave them. The boys cocks are rock hard the entire time and they cant keep their hands off each other. Even before Mason fucks Marie, he pauses to suck Dustins dick just a little longer. The trio pulled off a beautiful triple stack with Mason Skyy in the middle fucking Marie and getting fucked by Dustin. It was a sweaty, raunchy good time! Watch till the very end to see Dustin lick the sweat off Mason Skyy's abs.

Oct 11,2020

Wow how do you describe 400lbs of burley man meat? Watching these two dudes roll around in bed made me feel like I was a planet earth videographer. This was testosterone to the core, and who better to handle these men than Megan Taylor? She's stacked to, just in a different way. She comes with slim thick lil body and superb throat skills. Hard to tell who sucks better dick, Canelo or Meghan..