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Mar 20,2021

This is technically our 2nd BiGuysFuck 4-some, but don't tell Ivy Steel, Apollo Parker, Thomas Rosewood or Alyssa Amethyst because they all think it's the first ever, and we definitely didn't wanna fuck with their energy. These sexy college kids we're vibing hard and super pumped for this scene. If you're not having fun just watching this interview, check your pulse!

Mar 12,2021

Now that the fucking is over and the cum has settled, Kellan Hartmann, Meghan Taylor and Antuan Mills re-cap their scene!

Mar 11,2021

Antuan Mills is a handsome, petite man, but mama didn't raise no bitch. He takes all 9 inches of thick Kellan Hartmann's cock and still has enough energy to fuck latina hottie Meghan Taylor, then blow a huge load in her mouth!

Mar 10,2021

Kellan Hartmann, Meghan Taylor, and Antuan Mills are DTF and ready to experiment. Antuan admits that Kellan's cock is by far the biggest he's ever had in his ass and Meghan Taylor helps milk both these boys to a creamy finish.

Mar 01,2021

Marcus VonRyder and Meghan Taylor planned the whole thing, but Dustin Reynolds doesn't seem to be upset about it. The only road home for Dustin is to pleasure his way through Marcus and Meghan. Marcus wants his cock, Meghan wants his cock, Dustin really hit the lottery today and he gives both hotties exactly what they need! Round 2 next?

Feb 28,2021

Marcus VonRyder and wing woman Meghan Taylor invite new gym hottie Dustin Reynolds over to "chill", but thats far from their only intention. Dustin basically walks into a double sided thot-trap. The only way out of this pincer maneuver is to pleasure both hotties until they've had their fill!

Feb 12,2021

Some models are ovbously uncomfortable being covered in cum for these post-sex interviews, but not Canelo Ment, he relishes it! Sage Hardwell and Mia Nova really fucked the cum out of Canelo and sexy red head ass!

Feb 11,2021

Canelo Ment and Mia Nova are a match made in sloppy heaven. They both love a good throat fucking and Canelo is famous for his tongue punching technique! Sage Hardwell probably wasn't ready for this level of treatment but he is one lucky dude. Canelo gets deep into Sage's ass with his long tongue while Mia throats his hard cock. The spit drips from Sage's cock down onto his asshole for Canelo to slop up. Sage returns the favor and gets deep into Canelo's ass and fucks the cum out of him!

Feb 10,2021

Before the sex starts we must get consent but Canelo Ment is eager to get throated and fucked by burly blonde Sage Hardwell. Both guys are having an obviously hard time keeping their hands of Mia Nova's huge natural titties. Ready-Set-FUCK!

Feb 02,2021

Who had the most fun playing with Kellan Hartmann's huge cock, Marcus VonRyder or Marie Jacob? The three talk about their scene!

Feb 01,2021

Kellan Hartmann pounds Marcus VonRyder in missionary to stretch his hole a little, then doubles down on his ass in doggy, then blows a huge load all over Marcus's ass! Marie Jacob gets her fair share of Kellan cock too and gets dominated by Kellan!

Jan 31,2021

Pre-Sex interview with Kellan Hartmann, Marcus VonRyder and Marie Jacob. Are they nervous, are they excited? What do pornstars talk about before they fuck?

Jan 22,2021

Post-sex interview with Sage Hardwell, Antuan Mills and sexy ebony Destiny Mira!

Jan 21,2021

Sage Hardwell is at least twice the size of Antuan Mills (who looks so tasty in his little jock strap) and probably weighs more than Destiny and Antuan combined. Sage is a lucky man and he knows it. He totally enjoys the power aspect of being able to do basically whatever he wants!

Jan 20,2021

Its been a while since we've seen Destiny Mira on a BiGuysFuck set, but dont worry, she didnt forget her little strap on friend. Sage Hardwell is pretty much licking his chops in this pre-sex interview, dying to tear into Antuan Mills sexy Latino ass!

Jan 11,2021

Bryce Beckett uses his 9 inch meat pole to blow the backs out of Mason Skyy and Meghan Taylor. But before they get fucked, Megan and Mason take turns deep-throating his long cock! Bryce has been thirsting for Mason's ass since he got his hands on it during their outdoor training session, and now he finally gets to lick it and fuck it! Bryce doesn't go easy on Mason, he gives him all 9 inches of his hard cock until Bryce explodes in the longest orgasm i've ever seen.

Jan 10,2021

Mason Skyy shows up for a free training session with personal trainer Bryce Beckett and Meghan Taylor. Poor Mason doesn't have much experience with this type of thing and he arrives wearing jeans. Bryce Beckett points this out and suggest's that Mason remove them. Honestly Mason could have done squats in those jeans with no problem, but Bryce was particularly thirsty this day, he wanted to see some skin. Mason Skyy's slick thighs and cheeks had the attention of Meghan and Bryce, who cant stop rubbing Mason's ass cheeks. Known instigator Megan Taylor tells the guys they should kiss. A kiss that would lead to Bryce's bedroom!

Jan 03,2021

We didn't want to miss one single thrust of this action, as ee are well aware of how fickle young models can be in this industry. Sadly, this may well be the last time you ever see a dick in Kellan Hartman's ass. A special thanks to Chase Arcangel for providing the cock in this scene and of course Meghan Taylor, the throat goat. Enjoy!