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Apr 22,2021

Chemistry always turns up the nasty factor in these things. Everybody ate some ass, sucked some dick and got fucked by Apollo Parkers huge cock! Laylani Wyld got a good spit roast and Martavis Ray took this biggest dick in his life. Thats a wrap!

Apr 21,2021

They may have started this scene nervous but the attraction level was on high and once the clothes came off it was a pleasure fest for all. Martavis Ray struggles initially to take Apollo Parker's huge cock but powers through with help from brown babe Laylani Wyld and her long tongue up his ass!

Apr 20,2021

All three of these gorgeous amateurs were nervous for the start of this scene, all for completely different reasons. Martavis Ray is scared to take Apollo's huge cock, and rightfully so! Laylani Wyld has never done a BiGuysFuck scene before or seen two men fuck. Apollo Parker is verse when it comes to men, but he hasn't fucked a girl in 6+ years!

Apr 16,2021

It has to be hard to pick just 3-4 of these superstars. Comment below your top 5!

Apr 15,2021

I've never seen a cumshot actually blow through a condom before, but no piece of rubber will stop Bryce Beckett from cumming all over his favorite targets Dustin Hazel and Sofia Santana!

Apr 14,2021

Bryce Beckett is a man's MAN. Dustin Hazel & Sofia Santana were climbing on big Bryce like he was a fricken Sequoia, legs built from the GROUND up! These three had the time of their lives getting down right freak-a-leeky with each other. So hot to see everyone all sweaty and getting fucked. Amazing performers that just love to FUCK! Bravo you three!

Apr 13,2021

Size doesn't matter. Bryce Beckett clashes with Dustin Hazel in a physical fuck match. These two alpha males exchange a nasty series of slaps, each time begging for it harder. A heated, almost angry fuck sesh between these two alpha males and poor Sofia Santana's throat and pussy gets thrown in the fray.

Apr 12,2021

Post Sex interview after Kellan Hartmann gets fucked for the first time ever by his former best friend Chase Arcangel and ex girlfriend Meghan Taylor!

Apr 11,2021

It's a day so many have waited for. Kellan Hartmann and his big cock are finally getting FUCKED! But who does Kellan want his first top to be? None other than his former best friend Chase Arcangel and support cast from hot Latina and Kellan's ex girlfriend Meghan Taylor! What a cluster fuck of a thrupple this would become lol.

Apr 10,2021

How does one prepare to get their ass cherry popped on camera? Watch and find out what Kellan Hartmann thinks of Chase Arcangel fucking him for the first time ever in front of his ex girlfriend Meghan Taylor!

Apr 09,2021

Will Dustin Reynold return to fuck more guys? Will he get fucked next time? Mason Skyy and Destiny Mira both have a deviant look in their eyes!

Apr 08,2021

Dustin Reynolds is big burly football player with meaty thighs and a juicy ass. Today he's here to push his normal limits and fuck around with a guy for his first time EVER! Before this scene with Mason Skyy and ebony goddess Destiny Mira, Dustin had never even kissed a man. Getting him to suck some dick was a small challenge though. Initially he told us he did not want to do anything with a dick in his mouth, but literally minutes before the scene he changed his mind!

Apr 07,2021

So many first timers on BiGuysFuck, Dustin Reynolds is next. In this interview he tells you exactly what he has and has not done with a guy, then proceeds to knock them ALL of the checklist with help from some all-stars Destiny Mira and Mason Skyy.

Apr 02,2021

Who had the most fun here? Bryce Beckett, Marcus VonRyder, and Sofia Santana share the tea in their post orgasm bliss.

Apr 01,2021

Bryce Beckett puts Marcus VonRyder and Sofia Santana to sleep with his big ole Pringles Can COCK! Literally Bryce gets every last little bit of his savage man meat. Sofia Santana gave us a good preview of what Bryce was dishing out and she tried to warn Marcus as she was shaking from pleasure. Marcus is next for for Bryce who man handles Marcus any way he pleases and caps it off by soaking both his friends in cum!

Mar 31,2021

Bryce Beckett, Marcus VonRyder and Sofia Santana pre-scene interview and legal consent, then its off to the races for Bryce Beckett and his 8 inch meat pole!

Mar 22,2021

With 24 possible permutations at their disposal which positions did these 4 wild college kids go with? You cant have more fun than this, PERIOD!

Mar 21,2021

This scene was like an Episode of "Friends" but with Anal and a lot of Rimming. Seriously though, these 4 college aged kids were laughing and joking like they'd known each other for 10 years. Chemistry in abundance led to amazing sex. As Thomas Rosewood put it "The best hour at work in my life"!