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Jun 22,2021

Thats a wrap on an epic day where two performers (Jayden Marcos and Kendrick Driver) move in opposite directions with their careers. Cheers to both fellas, and Laylani Wyld for putting on a great finale.

Jun 21,2021

Say it aint so, but this may be the last time you EVER see Jayden Marcos getting fucked. At least we threw a big uncut cock at him, which is also attached to an extremely attractive man "Kendrick Driver". Laylani Wyld is stuck in the middle of two top notch male actors going completely different directions with their careers. One is embracing his appetite for hot men, and the other "Jayden Marcos" is slowly pulling away from the gay market.

Jun 20,2021

Interesting Day if you think about it. Potentially the last time Jayden Marcos gets fucked by a guy and Kendrick Driver's first time doing ANYTHING with a guy. Laylayni Wyld is in the middle of quite the conundrum, but she fairs well with a couple dicks in her mouth which keeps her happy. Kendrick however has a lot of cock to swallow for his fist time ever.

Jun 12,2021

It's almost scary to see the size of Kellan Hartmann's cock when its pressed up against the face of Antuan Mills. Its almost as big around as his neck! Halle Storm could barely take it in the pussy, let alone anal! Bravo little Antuan Mills!

Jun 11,2021

Someone call NASA our physics are broken! Theres no way Kellan Hartmann's HUGE cock should be able to fit in Antuan Mills tiny hole but they made it happen. Halle Storm definitely enjoyed watching her friends fuck the hell out of each other but Kellan Hartmann definitely got some treatment today. A big cock still needs some TLC.

Jun 10,2021

I've never seen Antuan Mills this quiet before. He's definitely nervous about bottoming for Kellan Hartmann's massive dick. I mean its bigger than Antuan's head and fatter around than Halle Storms forearm!

Jun 02,2021

Everybody cums and everybody is happy! Thomas Rosewood, Martavis Ray and Ivy Steele stick around for a post-sex interview!

Jun 01,2021

Damm thats a big dick going in a petite man! Martavis Ray swallows Thomas Rosewood's cock like a champ and has enough left in the tank to slam Ivy Steele. Speaking of Ivy, she had the time of her life in her first BiGuysFuck scene. Both Thomas Rosewood and Martavis Ray swing big cocks and she couldn't get enough!

May 31,2021

Thomas Rosewood's cock is deceptively large and thick and is buried beneath a sexy jungle of pubes. The first few entries into Martavis Ray's hole were slow and unsuccessful, the only way he could take it was with Ivy Steeles fat ass bouncing on his face. But after a few minutes, Martavis's hole started to loosen up enough for a sexy ride on Thomas's throbbing hard cock!

May 22,2021

Channing Rodd couldn't wait to get another go at Jayden Marcos's tight asshole and he took full advantage! Channing has definitely learned a couple things since his last appearance, and he spreads Jayden super wide to get every inch his dick inside Jayden. Bella Luna helps too and spreads Jayden's ass cheeks in a perfect assist. Enola Blaze wont be un-seen though, and strives for Channing's attention with her huge fat booty!

May 21,2021

This may be Jayden Marcos's LAST professional gay sex scene and Channing Rodd's BBC is the perfect severance package! Yes it's, sad but true. Jayden Marcos may be leaving the Gay Porn Industry indefinitely, more info on that below. The good news is that Jayden Marcos put on a superb performance with his old fuck buddy Channing Rodd. The rimming is orgasmic and the fucking is on another level. Bella Luna who is very close to Jayden off-camera was happy to share her man with Channing Rodd and Enola Blaze. For more information on Jayden Leaving the industry follow our twitters: @GayHoopla @BiGuysFuck

May 20,2021

Damm this scene has HUGE potential! No pun intended. Channing Rodd and Jayden Marcos both swing big cocks. Bella Luna might have the sexiest rack of tits in the history of tits and Enola Blaze carries a dump truck booty on her back..This is real porn!

May 12,2021

Really impressed with the chemistry between all three of these performers, but especially Apollo Parker and Leo Gotti. They were in best friend mode all day before and after this scene. Inseparable you might say. They even ditched poor Alyssa Amethyst to grab taco's for a post scene dinner.

May 11,2021

Title says it all here. Who doesn't love a self-projecting bad boy with secret gay lovers!? We sure do, and Apollo Parker's thick black cock would agree. Alyssa Amethyst loves his older Daddy vibe and gets super wet watching the gun show in front of her fuck it out like a shootout!

May 10,2021

Some interesting dynamics going on here today. Alyssa Amethyst will be the 1st girl Apollo Parker has fucked in 6 something years! Coincidentally it is also bad boy Leo Gotti's 1st adventure with a man, or so he says. You decide and vote in the comment section below!

May 02,2021

Its a first facial kind of day for Thomas Rosewood and he gets a thick one all over his beard from Franco Styles! Madison Peach is the facilitator here, and she milked both cocks for us! After checking out his face in the mirror, reality hits Thomas hard and he slinks away to the bathroom to wash off his cummy face!

May 01,2021

They call Thomas Rosewood "Moose Cock" for a reason and Franco Styles along with Madison Peach LOVE every inch of it. Franco gets fucked hard and deep until his ass hole gapes open begging for more. Madison Peach gets her fill too and milks the moose dick to completion, spraying it all over the trio. What better way to end this 3-some than a 1st time facial for Thomas Rosewood!

Apr 30,2021

Thomas Rosewood is primed and ready to get his fuck on with Franco Styles and sexy Madison Peach! Franco gets his tongue deep into Thomas's huge bubble butt for some of the wildest rimming of his life!