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Sep 11,2021

Kane Hardy dives deep into the simulation and sports a futuristic VR set to cruise for hot studs and sexy babes. He's in the mood for spice, so he chooses Eli Bennett and is thrust into some hot frottage! After Kane fucks Eli for a bit, he suggest they bring in Ivy Steel (a girl he saw using the VR cruising app).

Sep 10,2021

Kane Hardy puts on his future VR headset and enters a sex simulation game with Eli Bennett, Ivy Steele and a guest appearance from Jeremy Barker!

Sep 01,2021

Big booty redhead Canelo Ment is DTF with hot petite Latino Antuan Mills and Desiree Nevada! When you have chemistry this obvious, the best thing to do is let the talent freestyle. Nothing was planned, the guys didn't even know if they were topping or bottoming, they choose that on their own and on the fly! Props to Antuan for breaking through Canelo's big juicy cheeks and literally fucking the cum out of him!

Aug 31,2021

Our super beefy redhead Canelo Ment has a big crush on petite latino Antuan Mills and it's quite obvious during this interview. Our sexy boys almost forget that Desiree Nevada is even there, and thats very hard to do with those big titties swinging in your face.

Aug 21,2021

The look on Chase Arcangel's face when we he lays eyes on Kellan Hartmann's giant cock is PRICELESS! I guess the reason it's so funny is because Chase has a pretty big dick too! This is definitely his first time seeing another mans hard dick in-person and in a sexual setting and it just so happens to be fucking HUGE! Props to Desiree Nevada for taking a big dick on both ends.

Aug 21,2021

Jeremy Barker and Desiree Nevada were chilling on the couch reviewing their last scene together while at the same time "preparing" for the scene with Brian Kush. We already know Jeremy and Desiree have great chemistry together, Brian is the new kid in this scene and Jeremy has big plans for his ass. They start with some sensual touching on the couch which quickly escalates to heavy licking and sucking! Before this is over, Brian gets fucked by BOTH Jeremy and Desiree!

Aug 20,2021

This is a throwback and a half. I believe this is Chase Arcangel's 1st ever BiGuysFuck scene and all that goes with it. Kellan Hartmann and Desiree Nevada introduce Chase to BiSex!

Aug 20,2021

Three sexy and horny people. Muscle men Jeremy Barker and Brian Kush have some fun with boys and Desiree Nevada of course!

Aug 11,2021

Channing Rodd goes deep into Martavis Ray's tiny butthole. It's their 2nd time fucking so both had an idea of what to expect. Props to Martavis Ray for jumping back on Channing's big old dick after he already got filled up by Channing just days earlier. Enola Blaze is here to party, and she brought favors. Big juicy favors.

Aug 10,2021

The last time Channing Rodd and Martavis Ray fucked, it took 5 attempts to get Channing's rod to fit into petite Martavis Ray's hole. Martavis knew what he was up against but welcomed the challenge again, you have to applaud that. Enola Blaze will surely have more than a handful with these hunks!

Aug 01,2021

Kellan Hartmann and his 10 inch Pringle Can Cock has Latin stud Rico Vega and Mila Nova holding on for dear life! I seriously underestimated Rico Vega's ability to take cock. Like how does a dick so fat even fit in a hole so tiny? Lots of spit from Mila Nova definitely helped reduce the friction and once Kellan got it going, Rico took some really good strokes from Kellan Hartmann!

Jul 31,2021

Before the scene started, Mila Nova likened Kellan Hartmann's cock to that of a Pringles Can. She's not wrong lol. Rico Vega isnt a big guy so watching him work his bubble butt and petite body on Kellan's MASSIVE 10 inch pole is really one for the books.

Jul 21,2021

Who doesn't love a dominate DADDY? That's exactly what Leo Gotti is and he lets his dominance be known with Apollo Parker & Ivy Steele. Leo took the reigns and filled both of these hotties up! Ivy admits that MMF bisexual threesomes like this are so SO hot! She loves watching sexy guys get it on!

Jul 20,2021

Apollo Parker, Leo Gotti & Ivy Steele are a match made in heaven. These three could barely keep their hands off each other during this pre-FUCK interview! Don't worry you three, we won't hold you back much longer...

Jul 11,2021

Poor Chase Arcangel caught a bit of the birthday blues but lucky for him, his long time best friend Marcus VonRyder was out in front and had already ordered a local stripper (Marie Jacob) to cheer his buddy up. Once Marie arrives and starts to work her magic on Chase, he inevitably starts thinking with his cock and inquires about fucking Marie! The price is set at $1000, far out of Chase's budget but within reach of his well to do best friend. Thinking quick, Marcus see's an opportunity to capitalize on Chases testosterone surge, and agrees to foot the bill if Chase agrees to fuck him as well. Chase Arcangel has been Marcus's long time secret crush, finally Marcus gets to taste that dick!

Jul 10,2021

Bored and depressed on his birthday Chase Arcangel is ready to give up on anything good happening this special day. Marcus VonRyder makes some quick moves though, and orders a local stripper for Chase, but as his blood rises, so do the stakes... to be continued.

Jul 01,2021

Literally took 4 attempts WITH a butt plug switcheroo to get Channing Rodd's big cock inside Martavis Ray. It was like watching a hot dog run into a cement wall over and over to the point where both performers started to loose patience. But as these things go, once we finally got that thing in there, it was all pleasure after that. Bella Luna stepped up in a big way to help Martavis and Channing keep their cool. She's "gifted".

Jun 30,2021

Both Martavis Ray and Channing Rodd have some big ol' dicks, but today Martavis and Bella Luna are getting fucked!