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Sep 28,2018

Gio Lockwood had been eyeballin' Collin Simpson for quite some time... When Elena Gilbert showed up and made friends with Gio, it was just a matter of time before she was used as bait to get Collin to agree to a threesome. Little did Collin know, this was all a ploy to get him distracted on Elena so Gio could slide in his backdoor. Best part? Collin didn't seem to mind one bit once things got started. Sometimes you just need a little push in life!

Sep 28,2018

Nicole Kidd has been VERY interested in trying out something new... specifically pegging. Pegging has been a trending topic for some time now and it's most definitely been on Nicole's radar. Country boy Dylan Cover is very open minded and the perfect candidate as Nicole's first "victim". You know, the reason Nicole is so obsessed with pegging is because now she is in the driver seat... she has all the control. Whether you like it or not, it's Miss Kidd's turn to make you take that dick.

Aug 17,2018

This one is what dreams are made of... Collin Simpson takes the reigns and gets 18-year-old Julian Rodriguez to join in on the action. Tori Blue is a down ass babe and once Julian whips out his curved pole, you can tell she was wanting a threesome from the get-go.

Apr 20,2018

What a treat for Collin Simpson. Caden Carli and Sarah Sunday kick this hookup off by sharing Collin's fat cock. Sarah licks up and down his shaft while Caden gives him some ball work. This goes on for a longggg time... It's obvious that Caden and Sarah really wanted to please Collin.

Feb 09,2018

A star studded superstar orgy featuring our big dick leader, Dmitry Dickov. It's an old-fashioned gang bang on the always sexy miss Rachel Ford and Dmitry gets assistance from big Buck Carter, Bradley Whitman, AND Derek Jones. Now tell us that doesn't sound like a good time. Rachel is one horny chick to handle all of this dick! Damn you boys are SAVAGES!

Jun 30,2017

Check out these two young horny studs! Collin Simpson & Zach Douglas have a HAYDAY on experienced cougar Jayylee Jordan. This babe loves all the attention on her, but also likes to see guys hook up at the same time. Sharing is caring after all, right?! These three do it right, by not building any walls and just simply following what feels GOOD... and damn good at that. Hot scene guys! College sexual experimentation 101.

Jun 16,2017

One, two, three, FOUR sluts going at it in this completely unscripted raw fuck fest. Rob Burry opens it up on Monica Scott followed by Sean Costin and the last to enter the madness, our boy Brady Corbin. Don't get lost as this this fuckfest moves through multiple rooms and MANY pleasurable zones.

May 08,2017

Tiffany Marshall gets a girl's dream come true... a fantasy really. Two musclebound God's like Sean Costin & Collin Simpson all over you, ravaging you in any and every way they shall do please. It's times like these that you really see that true inner-freak... and Tiffany was no exception. Prepare yourself for sexy bodybuilder overload. You can tell these studs were truly turned on by watching another Alpha male go at it right in front of them.

Oct 14,2016

We caught this late night 3-way just in time. This wasn't even planned but our producers caught these little fuckers mid-blowie. Actually, Monica Scott had a cock in each hand when we walked in. Chris Curl on the left and Adam Bosco on the right. Anyways, since it was already going down, the models gave us this one for free. Obviously these kids really like to fuck.

Sep 20,2016

Vince Cruz and Zach Douglas team up in this one to ravage the big tittied blonde Heather Kelly. So much oral action in this one. Heather loves suckin' balls and these boys got big balls! The gang agrees unanimously, the double facial at the end was best part.

Aug 19,2016

These two have fucked before so it really helped the pre-game dirty talk. Vince Cruz has one goal for this one... MAKE Heather Kelly squirt. Heather, whose wearing a really sexy bikini, breaks out a toy to help the process. Was he successful? Oh and how could we forget... Vince, what was your favorite part? "Heather eating my ass".

Aug 09,2016

Richard Sutherland and Annie Arbor are another real life couple here to show you how they fuck and get down. There's something special about sharing such an intimate moment with millions of people.

Jun 21,2016

Dmitry Dickov, our one and only long dicked nerdy programmer hand-picked Nick Paul and Breeze Cutter for this hookup. Dmitry shows off his dick suckin' skills on Paul's nice cock while Breeze watches and flicks her clit. This one ends in a nerd-on-nerd facial from Dmitry to Breeze. Good thing she had those glasses on.

Apr 19,2016

If you like watching big dicks in snap-backs share some teen pussy then this filmed hookup should do it. Rob Burry, Kellan Hartmann and Jackie Lopez put on a slutty show here. Which is a good thing in this case!

Dec 04,2015

Kane Bryant and Heather Kelly are just a couple of sexy American kids that are here to hookup like we all do in the privacy of our homes. Only difference here is they are going to film it so you can watch. Kane should be nicknamed Picasso after the way he painted up the big tittied Heather Kelly's face. A true abstract piece of art Kane. Bravo buddy.