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Dec 16,2019

Delicious flavors collide with mixed boys Channing Rodd and Mani Storms wreck Marie Jacobs, the small town blonde girl with huge tits. Everyone gets at least 1 rim job and Channing really gets a treat from Marie as she rims his tight hole until he turns around to cum all over her face. Mani splashes his cum on Maries ass with Channing rubbing his shoulders and egging him on.

Dec 13,2019

Real life Gigolo Marcos Acosta flew in from Europe and inquired about filming with us. He speaks very little English but who needs language when you have 9 inch un-cut cock anyway? Adam Von and Destiny Mira couldn't get enough of it. Literally, they passed Marcos around like he was a toy and there to pleasure them. I mean he is a gigolo so..

Dec 06,2019

Aaron Tigger - Never kissed, never touched and NEVER even seen another man Naked. Grayson Blackburn - SUPER SHY introvert from GayHoopla's secret menu. In his 1st video he didn't even want his face shown. But this time Grayson lets Riley Holt have some fun with his tight ass and a strap on! Grayson makes the distinct moans we all know when his mouth is full of Aarons COCK and an ass full from Riley's strap on toy!

Dec 02,2019

Bryce Beckett in his 1st on Camera 3-some, flips Jayden Marcos upside down and sucks his dick while Mako Kalani works her tongue on Jayden Marco's ass! They fuck and spit roast Mako on the couch, the ottoman, and the pool table and top it off with a perfectly timed DOUBLE FACIAL!

Nov 29,2019

Collin Simpson, the eternal veteran starts this 3-way hookup with a boner just from being sandwiched between the sexy red-head Nala Kennedy and Joel Gordo. If you like rimming than this is a must. Both of these studs DESTROY Nala's little pussy and Joel licks up, down, and all around Collin's cute hole in so many positions. SO NASTY Collin cums in Joel's mouth and then snowballs with Nala! These kids are SO FREAKY!

Nov 22,2019

Occasionaly two of our models vibe so well that they ask us to pair them up in specific scenes. This fem-dom / body worship / rim fest was the result when Adrian Monroe and Angelina Colon teamed up. This all started with a 3-way scene, Angelina and Adrian enjoyed each other so much they literally begged for this scene. We say "why not".

Nov 18,2019

Big Dicks and Alpha Muscles, Bryce Beckett and Channing Rodd have some fun with Mako Kalani and share some bromance along the way. Bryce and Channing take turns licking each others holes and sucking on each others balls all while Make Kalani keeps a fat dick in her pussy the whole time.

Nov 15,2019

This is really a case of innocence destroyed. Dustin Hazel and Jane Rogers just totally have their way with sweet Baby Troy Daniels. Dont let his size fool you, he's still a teen. Dustin wrecks troys ass with the fastest dick per second stroke ever. Jane has her fun too and face fucks Troy Daniels, then sticks her fancy strap on in Troys ass!

Oct 25,2019

Consider this Part 1 of a 2 part scene. Andre Willis licks and kisses Jacob Booker's tight little asshole and Monica Scott just cant get enough cock in her mouth. So much CUM EVERYWHERE. This is the 1st weekend Jacob and Andre ever visited us. They weren't quite ready for some Guy/Guy fucking but just wait till PART TWO!

Oct 22,2019

Adam Von is a self-proclaimed "power verse", so we put him to the test with Channing Rodd and Nala Kennedy. Verse to us means a different thing, we wanted to see Channing AND Nala fuck up sexy Adam. So the two take turns fucking him doggy style. Nala of course had too much fun pegging Adam's tight hole.

Oct 21,2019

Marcos Acosta aka Mr. Hungarian Gigolo takes his 1st dive into the Bi-Sexual world with the smoking Hot Destiny Mira and french stud Joe Mason. The language barrier was interesting to say the least but this guy is a professional fucker and knew just what to do! Marcos has a huge un-cut cock and you can tell he truly enjoys watching Joe suck on it. Takes A Huge Load Too!

Oct 18,2019

Bryce Beckett, Mr. 6'5" alpha muscle man takes control of the situation. You can tell he like being a big scary guy and fully enjoys watching sexy ebony Pax Meyers and porcelain skin Riley Holt swap his cock in and out of their mouths. Some people thought Pax Meyers was in pain during this scene because he does scream, but I assure you he took me aside and told me he enjoyed every second of Bryce's big cock in his ass and load of cum in his mouth!

Oct 11,2019

When sexy Mixed Stud Channing Rodd enters the room, everything else ceases to matter. He takes control and orders Joe Mason and Sofia Santana around like they're his bitch. Trying to break Joe Mason in to more and more Anal play, and he orders Sofia and Joe to share his cock and ass hole. Joe Mason cleans his booty while Sofia works the cock!

Oct 07,2019

Oliver Tyme's 1st bi-sexual experience and who better to experiment you sexuality with than sexual scientist Dustin Hazel and the big tittied Piper Madison. Dustin shows Oliver the ropes on how to best take a dick and starts out gentle with Oliver. Side secret, Oliver did not expect to like this as much as he did. We think he realized his true sexual desires during this scene.

Oct 04,2019

Brad Ranger about Collin Simpson - "I would do it again" BiGuysFuck.com is a safe place for young men and women to explore their sexuality with other attractive people. For many of our models, this is their 1st ever interaction with another guy. Sometimes they love it, other times theyre not ready to embrace the bromance.

Sep 27,2019

Marie Jacobs gets what she has always wanted... a chance with two dream guys at once. Dustin Hazel & Marc Wallace give this blonde teen babe what she wants and even surprises young Marie with a few sexy tricks up their sleeves... if they were wearing any. Long story short, these guys turned out to be into each other just as much as they were into Marie! She doesn't complain though... seeing the guys hook up was a part of her fantasy all along... she just didn't know it yet.