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May 29,2020

What a blessing to watch a Young and SUPER CUT Collin Simpson ravage Tori Blue. She admitted to being one of his many super fans but his main goal is to coax a hot and young Julian Rodriguez into his 1st ever Threesome. Tori will do anything to please Collin, and when she starts rimming him, it gave Julian the confidence to jump in. Being a freak in Contagious!

May 15,2020

We gave Jacob Booker total control of this scene for his Birthday. Literally we let him pick any and all Toys as well as opened up our Rolodex of Talent. No surprise he picked hard body Mason Skyy and deep-throat artist Michelle Anderson to fit the bill. Probably wouldn't have filmed this if this wasn't a birthday present.

May 01,2020

Who needs Pussy anyway? All weekend long, Joe Mason stealthily watched Jayden Marcos in his BiGuysFuck scenes from a far. He greatly admired his huge cock and chiseled chest. You see, Jayden's Cock is the stuff of legend around here, and Joe Mason wants nothing more in life than some legendary cock in his mouth. So Joe comes up with a plan. He decides his best shot was to ambush a Naked Jayden in the bathroom and hope Jayden has been watching him too. Joe is awkward AF in his attempts, his voice even crackling with nervous fear. Will his boyish insecurities and charm be enough to melt and Sex God like Jayden Marcos?

Apr 24,2020

This Video emphasizes Dutch Weavers HUGE Filipino booty! He tries on Destiny's thong during the ice breaker portion and later gets his ass licked, sucked, fingered and all around worshiped! We also got to see Dutch's deep-throat skills put to the test on Mason Skyy's big Cock! Destiny is the throat specialist here though, she can gobble up all of these boys long cocks. Mason wont be out sexed here, hes oozes testosterone and lives up to his Daddy status!

Apr 17,2020

Finally a Chick that can take Jayden's big fat cock. Kourtney LOVES big dick and she gobbles it all up, pleasing both guys with her mouth and wet pussy! Of course this was all after Jayden got FUCKED by red head Dustin Hazel, Jayden returns the favor though and drops a THICK CREAMY facial on his beard.

Apr 10,2020

Very sexy people here! Mason Skyy is a new all star with us. His body is hard and so is his dick! This is not his 1st scene released, but this was the first Time he's ever fucked or done anything with a guy. You can tell its a little foreign at first but after he relaxed it was ON for Andre Willis's hairy Latino Ass! Sexy girl next door Michelle Anderson doesnt wanna be left out. She goes all in with Mason on the experimenting and tries ANAL for her first time! Did I say Anal? I mean Double Penetration!!! Get it Young people!

Apr 03,2020

Ian Borne sucks dick and licks ass in his first bisexual threesome. Joel comes out strong and nasty, trying to coax Ian along, and big tiddy Nala is always down for fun. Have you seen the lip service on that girl? The guys experiment with rimming and dick sucking but really escalates when Joel starts sucking cum out of the sheets.

Mar 27,2020

Channing Rodd and Collin Simpson are two long, fat dicked superstars that never need any direction from us. So they took full advantage of tearing up the sexy redhead Nala Kennedy. There's literally soo much sexy man meat and muscle in this one that our eyes hurt from scanning the screen so rapidly. Who hits it better?

Mar 27,2020

In my whole career, I've never personally witnessed such a hard cock go so deep into another mans ass. Every last nano-meter of Cock from Mason Skyy made its way into the tight ass on Marcus Von Ryder. You'll see where he gets his namesake someday ;) Michelle Anderson, a smokin hot southern girl next door gets in on Mason's hard cock too!

Mar 20,2020

Channing Rodd and Dustin Hazel basically grew up in this shit together. They started filming with us around the same time and soon enough they finally met. Over the year they were paired up in few scenes together, each time the intensity heating up. This is their best work in an all out threesome with Channing's fuck buddy from back home! (Really, her submission video was a POV of her sucking on Channing's fat dick lol). 1st Channing fucks dusting with his legs spread wide and they finish this scene from Xerxes layer with a HARD Double Penetration.

Mar 13,2020

Do you like Cake? Check out the dump truck bootys on these horny young people! Jacob Booker and his look alike Dutch Weaver are some muscular tan dudes, we paired them up with Michelle Anderson whose a bit of a closet freak. What ensued was Horny teens checking off their bucket lists with rimming, TWO dildos including the double sided variety. Ass fuckin, deepthroating, spitting, facials.. all that!

Mar 06,2020

450 lbs of REAL MAN MUSCLE collide like an unstoppable force verse an immovable object! Sean Costin pounds Collin SImpson's muscle ass while his face is deep in red head pussy. Then these giant men Team up on super petite 105lb Jane Rogers while her poor Boy Friend has to watch! The three boys had a little pre-game respect talk but wow, the face says it all.

Feb 28,2020

The 1st ever BiGuysFuck ice breaker experience was more fun than we thought. The models had a blast and its obvious with the constant laughter. Whip Cream bikini's, bicep licking, all kinds of good fun and intimate truths! Once these three get into the bedroom, its full send all the way to a nice facial on Dutch Weaver and a creamy load spewed into Michelle's open mouth! Dutch fuck his new buddy Andre Willis in his favorite positions!

Feb 21,2020

WOW WTF! I dont even know what to say.. but things got out of hand. First, new hot jock Mason Skyy preps and rims Jacob's perfect bubble butt but that was only a warm-up for Destiny Mira who then pounded Jacobs hole with her strap on. She gave him the pile driver, reverse pile driver and some sideways dick...THEN she pounded out Mason Skyy's 1st timer ass. Oh yea, she made these boys call her DADDY the whole time.