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It has to be hard to pick just 3-4 of these superstars. Comment below your top 5!

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  • Myself -

    Conelo, Bryce, dustin

  • NotYours66 -

    Bring back some of the older models! And do more compilation style content. This video had my attention from start to....finish ;) Super fucking hot.

  • Darkypoet -

    Bryce B and Kellan Hartman. Bryce is SO hot and Kellan is always so excited to dive in

  • Lasvegasandre -

    Dustin and Canelo...hands down!

  • chekslovakian -

    Chase, Destiny, Dustin. Destiny’s so hot I just want them to manhandle her and make her cum.

  • ZachUSA1 -

    As many men you can handle on cam... the more cocks the better... breeding and seeding is a must

  • veloster48 -

    Chase A, Bryce B, Jeremy B, Apollo P, Monica S, Meghan T, Destiny M what a party.

  • veloster48 -


  • rsorb01 -

    Channing, Monica Scott, Nala Kennedy, Jayden Marcos, Jeremy Barker and Ian Borne. Tough question!!

  • L3m0nd3 -

    Canelo Ment