Home Videos Jeremy Barker and new GF Desiree Nevada invite Jayden Marcos over for a quarantine workout and anal cardio!

Jeremy Barker and new GF Desiree Nevada invite Jayden Marcos over for a quarantine workout and anal cardio!

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Last time you saw Desiree Nevada and Jeremy Barker together, it was at Mason Skyy's house in the valley. But the cute delivery boy Jeremy left a lasting impression on Desiree. Now they're a couple and have moved in together. This weekend day, Jeremy decides to invite his buddy Jayden Marcos over for a quarantine workout. Jayden arrives a little early while Jeremy is still getting into his workout gear. No worries though, sexy housewife Desiree is able to "entertain" Jayden while he waits ;)

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  • piercing214 -

    Jeremy is out-of-this-world amazing, in so many respects, obviously physically/sexually--& also right through to his fantastic personality, including voice & sense of humor! He so relishes having his perfect muscle-bubble butt eaten, with his hips gyrating & great verbal response. I'd LOVE seeing Jeremy bottom for a serious top with whom he has excellent chemistry, featuring Jeremy on his stomach across a bed, his back arched up, just like in this scene while Jayden rimmed--the top fully mounting & pile-driving away from directly above ... after the top has prepped Jeremy's delicious ass with a savage eating, kneading & slapping, of course! Jeremy is such a keeper; the studio is incredibly lucky to have him! <3 <3 <3

  • Kateuplate -

    *Jayden, I meant to say. Although Jeremy is also very

  • Kateuplate -

    Jeremy is so great. I love how vocal he is. I wish more guys would be vocal during scenes

  • wickedXwisdom -

    Yum. Yum. Jayden Marcos. He looks like a mix of Joseph Gordon -Levitt and Shia LeBeouf. Especially with the glasses.

  • dagorik -

    Jayden is one hot MF and Jeremy is eye candy too.

  • glamalien -

    This was another hot update and I personally loved the squirting ?

  • g4pfan1963 -

    Please bring all of these models back, this video was utterly amazing.

  • SanFranBaseballer -

    best bi video on the internet. right now

  • martyP2020 -

    Editor plse more on Jayden Marcos, this dude is my all favorite at Biguysfuck, I always enjoy watching this horse hung dude.....Jayden Marcos you are the best !!!

  • martyP2020 -

    Love this latest updated during Quarantine time during Covid19, with my favorite Jayden Marcos and tattoed dude Jeremy Barker, Jeremy has such a hot chest, sensitive nipples and he is horse hung...with glases on he looks like a real daddy to me. Miss Desiree Nevada is 1 hot cocksucker and knows to please both Horse hung Jayden and Jeremy Barker... love the watch the ass rimming too, woow this video was HOT !!!!

  • jake238cb -

    I LOVED this update and I watched it all the way though! Such a creative and fun twist! I loved how the focus was on the bisexuality. We were able to see him interact with a woman yet the focus was on Jayden and his body. Then we get to see him interact with another guy. These two things set the groundwork for true bisexuality with his sexual attraction to the chick and the guy. Then they all came together in the end but thankfully it didn't focus mainly on the female; it focused on the guys' bisexuality. Also, the storyline was awesome!You even included the classic "oh no she caught us" moment. I laughed a few times because it had some funny moments! Last but not least, y'all did an incredible job of making sure the guys interact throughout, and Jayden was a seasoned professional in that department and really took the lead! When one of the guys is always "in the middle" or interacting with the other guy (jerking him off, bj or rimming, etc) while interacting with the girl all at the same time it makes the scene very well balanced vs. just a girl in the middle which makes it very "typical straight porn-ish". One of the ***lights was when Jayden was sucking Jeremy while Desiree was sucking him. That was HOT!! That is a great example of hot bisex action!A guy in the middle, always interacting with the other guy in some way makes for great bisex! The only thing I didn't like was the squirting with the vaginal finger banging. Overall, this was an incredibly fun twist on the vids y'all make and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great performance by all three of them and much improved camera work!

  • ZachUSA1 -

    Jayden is always super sexy in every video he does

  • ZachUSA1 -

    Jayden is always super sexy in every video he does