Home Videos Best friends Channing Rodd and Dustin Hazel DP a THICC white Girl!!

Best friends Channing Rodd and Dustin Hazel DP a THICC white Girl!!

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Channing Rodd and Dustin Hazel basically grew up in this shit together. They started filming with us around the same time and soon enough they finally met. Over the year they were paired up in few scenes together, each time the intensity heating up. This is their best work in an all out threesome with Channing's fuck buddy from back home! (Really, her submission video was a POV of her sucking on Channing's fat dick lol). 1st Channing fucks dusting with his legs spread wide and they finish this scene from Xerxes layer with a HARD Double Penetration.

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  • Fantasyfunguy -

    The stamina of these guys is incredible! Is it really down to Too Hard?! We can't get it here in the UK at the moment! Anyone want to end me some?!

  • Kateuplate -

    DPing is something indefinitely could not physically do but Sofia is SO into it that this scene hits all the right bells for me. ♥️

  • martyP2020 -

    Editor hope to see sexy dudes Dustin Hazel and Channing Rodd soon back on stage, those men are so hot in action in this scene with Sofia, want to see more soon from Red headed Dustin Hazel and Channing Rodd !

  • Kateuplate -

    I love any video where the trio looks like they're legit having fun with each other. <3

  • Kateuplate -

    Actual. Pillow biting.

  • martyP2020 -

    I am big fan of dustin Hazel, this guy is amazing hot, love his muscular tattoed body and huge cock. Dustin is so hot and he is 100% straight I think, he like fucking the hell out of Sofia Santana who really enjoyed Dustin Hazel . Channing Rodd is a hot TOP love to fuck Dustin Hazel too !! Bring both guys back on stage soon...

  • Xxcess -


  • jake238cb -

    had to re-visit this gem. really enjoyed seeing dustin toy with channings hot ass as he giggled. then seeing channing wildly pound dustin while he bites the sheets is enough to make anyone bust! HOT AF!!