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Kane Bryant

Kane Bryant

  • 6'2" (1.88m)


  • 165lbs (75kg)


  • 7" (17.8cm)

    Cock size

  • 25


Kane Bryant almost makes you wanna be a virgin again. Be careful though, his perfect smile, blond hair, and blue eyes could easily mind fuck the shit out of you alone. If you aren't used to big cocks, you will definitely need to prepare yourself, because good Lord his dick is fat and tasty. Besides the fact that Kane is incredibly handsome, he has such a humbling personality. Side note, Kane was so nervous his first time on camera and damn near shaking the entire scene... which only made it hotter. Something about that real factor that really says something. What really surprised us was Kane's love for public nudity. He'd get a rush knowing he could get caught exposing himself at any time. This wild man took us around town exposing himself in public parks, malls... pretty much anywhere that he could get away with it!

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